About Vignes.Vin

Elle est pas belle la vigne®
imageMy name is Paul SINDELL. The project began back in 2007 when I decided to place over 500 winemakers into a SmartPhone. That application is still available online at www.VinsDeLoire.mobi .

In short, Vignes.Vin is a website that is very easy to use and 100% French wines. The aim is to put YOU directly in touch with the winemakers who make your favourite wines. Why only French wines? Because I love the way the French choose a wine by its APPELLATION, (for example cote du rhone, saumur-champigny, chablis etc.,) then they identify the winemaker (because each winemaker weaves their own personal magic into the appellation) and finally they look at the millesime, because only nature may control the amount of sun, wind and rain on the vines in any given year. The foundation of all this is of course the Terroir, because where the vines grow is of immense importance!

What I love most about wine is that, it never lies. When you know you have a wonderful wine in front of you, along with a magnificent piece of cheese, you lock the doors, turn off the television and phones and spend a magical moment with yourself and those you share it with.